The three major components of the skin are firstly the hypodermic subcutaneous fat just beneath the skin that functions as insulation and padding for the body. Next the dermis provides structure and support and lastly the epidermis acts as protection for the body.

As the deepest section of the skin, the hypodermic fat tissue below the dermis insulates the body from cold temperatures and provides shock absorption. Fat cells also store nourishment and energy. Buttocks, palms of the hands and soles of the feet provide the thickest part. Contributing to the thinness of ageing skin, the hypodermic tissues begin to atrophy with age. Located between the hypodermic fat and the epidermis is the dermis, a fibrous network of tissue, providing structure and resilience to the skin. Major components of the dermis work together in a mesh like endothelial network composed of structural proteins collagen and elastin, blood and lymph vessels, special cells and fibroblasts. A jelly like ground substance plays a crucial role in the hydration and moisture balance in the skin.


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